So, there’s this…


A blog. By me. Wouldn’t have expected it, and my friends will be even more surprised.

It’s all Laura’s fault, of course. Any odd, out-of-character thing I do usually is, as she has this unrelenting belief in my ability to be entertaining and informative. I can only strive to live up to her expectations.

So, I’ll post periodically on…stuff. Stuff will be about my interests, hobbies, and things I find that just need to discussed. Comments will be on, at least until someone earns everyone a time out. You can send me a private message at

I’ll caution ya’ll up front: I spent much of my wayward youth in jail. Twenty-six years, done in 8-hour increments, 4-5 days a week. It gave me a particular, weird, don’t-bend-over-for-the-soap, outlook on things, and a pretty eloquent potty-mouth. You fuckers have been warned.



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