[Historical Note: Atlantia has a rapier program called The Academie d’Espee, modeled on the London Master’s of Defense (not to be confused with the SCA Master’s of Defense peerage, which I can only assume was stolen from us). Within the Academie, the original ranks are student; scholar, who wore a blue scarf; and provost, who wore a gold scarf. After adopting the White Scarf, the gold scarf was kept for a new mid-rank of free scholar. The Provost Exam was written in 1997, shortly after the White Scarf was created in Atlantia.]


[Working surreptitiously, our operatives have secured a bootleg copy of the test used to select new Provosts. Unfortunately, the answer sheet has eluded us. By careful research, however, you should be able to discern the correct answers. Good luck.]


  1. Tom, Dick and Harry are dancing the Galliard at the Palace. Tom insults Dick by making fun of his dance style and his ruff. Dick pushes Tom down on the dance floor. Harry recognizes Tom as the cretin who was dancing sensuously with his lady the week before and kicks Tom in the head while he is down, causing him to suffer a concussion and enter the next Crown tourney. Harry should be:

a). found guilty of heinous assault.

b). given dance lessons.

c). made an outcast, owing to his cruel and violent nature.

d). made a Free Scholar, owing to his cruel and violent nature.

e). made a Provost, owing to his dedication to winning at all costs                    and skill in seizing upon unexpected openings.


  1. A second-offensive action executed against an opponent who either parries without riposting or delays their riposte too long, and is performed in the same line in which the parry has taken place is:

a). a remise

b). a reprise

c). a redoublement

d). a regurgitation

e). a bunch of fencing crap, let’s just fight!


  1. The cutover as a feint can be made at middle distance, but should not be overly used as it may draw a counterattack from the opponent when the point is withdrawn to pass over the opponent’s blade. This is an example of:

a). a compound attack using a cutover.

b). a straight feint-disengage.

c). an attack on the preparation.

d). what can happen when rapier fighters read too much.

e). a bunch of fencing crap, let’s just fight!


  1. You are at an event and observe a group of Provosts off to one side, talking amongst themselves. They are most likely:

a). discussing matters of extreme importance regarding rapier                        fighting in the Kingdom.

b).discussing which up-and-coming fighter is a potential white                      scarf and needs to be encouraged.

c). discussing which upstart fighter is a potential white scarf and                    needs to be sabotaged.

d). discussing where to have lunch.

e). trying to avoid actually having to fight.


  1. Although many qualities are desirable in a Provost, the one held in highest regard is:

a). equamnitude

b). inharbidity

c). gadolineousness

d). rheotaxis

e). trombiculiasis


  1. A fighter in a tourney bout has castigated his opponent with vile insults, danced about the field with wild abandon, toyed with his clearly outclassed foe, whom he has slain by stabbing sixteen times before the poor fellow could hit the ground. This fighter is:

a). a vainglorious braggart

b). a thug and a bully

c). an example to us all

d). what rapier fighting is all about

e). Giacomo


  1. On an incredibly hot August day, in sweltering humidity, the Founder of our ancient and noble order fought a legendary duel, during which the sweat of his sainted brow mixed with the blood of his opponent, a sneeze from inside his mask and a dribble of Gatorade. This substance is now revered as:

a). Duellist’s Tears

b). Provost’s Blood

c). a dandy all-purpose cleaner

d). the grossest stuff ever revered

e). sakanjibin


  1. All disagreements within the Order are resolved by use of the traditional method of:

a). trial by combat

b). trial by wombat

c). trial by bombard

d). a round of putt

e). whining to the Principal


  1. The most impressive sight ever seen in Atlantian rapier fighting is:

a). the white scarf pinned to the shoulder.

b). the yellow scarf wrapped around the neck.

c). the blue scarf stuffed down the throat.

d). the white feather stuck in the bum.

e). a Provost on the make.


  1. In addition to a proper mask and good leather gauntlets, the rapier fighter must wear armor best described as:

a). impenetrable material over the head and torso.

b). resistant material covering all exposed body areas.

c). more important than fighting prowess.

d). anything with lots of lace.

e). Elizabethan.


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