I’m a 60-something white male. Anyone got a problem with any of that, go read someone else.

I’m a retired deputy sheriff, corrections officer, lawyer and a part-time college professor. I have trouble with commitment.

I have two pretty-ok ex-wives. I obviously have trouble with commitment. I also have a fabulous wife, who is an internationally renowned costumer and troublemaker, known as The Attack Laurel. I’m told I no longer have trouble with commitments.

I have two terrific, amazeballs daughters (yes, the old guy said “amazeballs” — it’ll now fall out of fashion, if it hasn’t already). But as I said, two daughters, each a wonderful person, both smarter than me. They have produced for me three granddaughters (I assume they did it for me). The sun rises and sets on these three young ladies and I can’t say enough good things about them. You can’t say anything bad about them; I will find you and you’ll regret it.

My wife and I live in central Virginia, where we have some acreage on which we do little other than watch the wildlife and keep a lookout for zombies.

My primary interests are Elizabethan history, with special interest in Elizabethan theater and historical re-enactment. I’m a member of Gardiner’s Company, an Elizabethan living history group. I’m also a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).


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